Down In the Gutter....Add on service


Working on more R & D --- learning the ins and outs of gutter installation and product types.

There are 30 or more types of gutter covers out there.  One I have chosen to be a dealer for is MasterShield.

The person who invented the micro mesh concept that MasterShield uses (along with many copy cats) has kept improving on the initial concept as problems arose over 15 years.  I like that first of all it works and second that you can only get the product thru dealers who have protected areas. This allows you to build a business free of over competition.

 The spike in the number of tree services (anyone with a chainsaw and 1/4 brain can call themselves a tree guy) that does not match up with a growth in customer base creates over competition driving prices down and diminishing the number of jobs to choose from.  This is the achilles heel of the tree service business... along with the fact that trees take a long time to become ...well.... trees.   I have been looking to add services that are necessity for people and an in demand business, something everybody has a need for at some point in time.  Also looking to find something that sells product that has a good markup and add on services.  Additionally, the input costs to start up are lower and the fact that it does not take a large crew to do this work is manageable for getting started.

  Over the last 25 years I have had many customers ask about their gutters.  The inquiries come from all types of different sources...tree work (gutters filling up from trees), landscaping( drainage issues), Painting ( the old ones are not paintable or cause problems to my paint),  Roofing ( seems to always be a topic when doing a roof).  What this tells me is that gutters and the issues related to them have a big potential upsell in that they intersect people's lives in many ways....this makes them an easy issue to discuss with people because they understand what is going on.....try informing someone that they need to take a tree down because it has multiple included crotches with a high torque load due to a canopy that has a high sail effect with very bad proximity issues to dwellings....they look at you like you are a crook and say " I think my tree will be fine"  then thank for the estimate---but you know it is superficial and they really think that your just trying to sell them on some work.  6 months later you drive by that same residence after a storm and half the tree is on top the house. 

 Seems in tree work you are always on the verge of being the hero or the villain depending on when you come into the situation.  It is a definite hurdle to get that stupid horse to drink the water!




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