Through twenty five years of professional painting experience, our staff at American Professional Services has gained both the knowledge and the skill sets to insure that we fulfill the customer needs and expectations on every project that we undertake. 

The American Painting Services motto is the standard by which we work in, completing every job we do.

“Long Lasting High Quality Results”

This standard must be present in every task we perform.  The end result is a higher quality product that is guaranteed to outlast the competition.  


  1. Test for lead
  2. Follow protocol for lead treatment
  3. Remove lose paing
  4. Surface, Repair, or Replace
  5. Sanding as dictated by surface and result needed
  6. Clean surface of dust, oxidation, and chalking
  7. Prime surface - Sealant Primer - Adhesion Primer - Rust Inhibitor
  8. Caulk with appropriate sealant type

These are general processes for surface preperation utilized by American Painting Services







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