Concrete Services

At American Concrete, we pride ourselves on performing quality work at a reasonable price. American Concrete is truly a company of character. We pride ourselves on providing quality service while upholding community values. We believe in treating our customers with respect, showing that we are trustworthy, giving a fair price and following through on our promises. Whatever the size of the project, we will give our full, undivided attention to improving your living space or business space. We can provide quality concrete work for any of your needs. We provide solid simple concrete work as well as work utilizing reinforcement methods such as rebar.

We specialize in artistic forms of concrete. Being a division of American Professional Service Group, in addition to providing concrete services, we can perform a number of other home and landscape improvement services. This allows us to look at concrete projects with a more aesthetic eye than our competitors. Our multi-service fashion is a valuable asset for each type of work we perform, and concrete is no exception. Instead of the average block style of concrete, we can add curves and ramps to draw positive attention to your home. While we're at it, we can seed or sod any grass area around the concrete that may be disturbed, and even trim trees while we're at it.

American Concrete specializes in ramps and curves, but we can perform any concrete needs - at a fair price. Call us today for a consultation!


About Concrete

Concrete is an extremely durable, long lasting material perfect for driveways, foundations and more. Concrete is made up of three things - water, aggregate and cement. The water and cement together act as a glue that holds the materials together.

When done well, concrete actually hardens for 30 years! Concrete work must be done quickly and efficiently to achieve a solid, life-long structure. Our company pours and handles concrete efficiently and safely, incorporating high quality standards and years of experience. We can replace, remove, and build completely new concrete structures.


Concrete must be cut to help it age successfully. This cut will increase the life of the concrete.

We will accomodate existing structures while maintaining quality.


American Advantage

We at American Concrete aren't just working for a paycheck; we are working to provide quality service to the residents of Ames and the surrounding area. Our ultimate goal is to deliver long-lasting superior features accompanied by complete customer satisfaction. We do everything we can to give each and every customer the best results possible, and our multi-service nature allows us to offer more diverse and helpful services than our competitors. When you work with American Concrete, you receive respect, fair treatment, excellent customer service and a result you can trust.



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